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Real Safety

Bikes shouldn’t have to mix with heavy, fast traffic. Separate bikes from cars on busy roads and watch cycling become more and more popular as a way of getting about.  In local streets, stop rat-running traffic – local roads are for local people not for short-cuts.

Helmet Laws Kill Cycling

Around one in five Australians cite helmet laws as the main reason they don’t ride a bike. Riding a bike is good for your health and saves the community money – that’s true whether or not you wear a helmet. The loss of health benefits from discouraging cycling alone outweighs any benefit from mandating helmets, and that’s before you factor in all the other benefits of cycling.

Next Ride

Our next ride is a tour from Lilydale, Victoria to Warburton along the rail trail staring on Saturday May 30th at approx 11AM Lilydale railway station, returning there Sunday about 5PM.

More information:
Please RSVP via contact us and if you need any more information or help with accommodation.

Join Freestyle Cyclists Inc

If you would like to be more involved, you can become a member of Freestyle Cyclists Inc, the not-for-profit incorporated governing body of Freestyle Cyclists. Membership costs $10 per year, and gets you an invite to our general meetings.  Click here to join.

Donate to Help Spread the Word

Your donation will be used 100% for reaching out to all those people who want to see more people riding bikes. We have no paid staff, no administrative overheads, so all donations are spent on advertising and printing. Thanks to all who donated to the Queensland TV advertising campaign. You put in $6758.28 in a few days – magnificent effort and shows how strongly people feel about having the freedom to choose. Our ads have run, and many people have written to the Minister for Transport as a result. Unfortunately the Government’s response to the enquiry’s recommendations is very disappointing, summarised as a one meter passing law that isn’t enforced and higher fines for cyclists that are enforced. See Sky News report. You can still write to the Minister, click here.

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