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Groups that are focussed on utility cycling and support removing barriers to mass cycling (including removal of helmet law) are hard to find in Australia.

In Perth, join the Bicycle Transport Alliance. (Now defunct)
In Adelaide, join Bicycle Transport Alliance.
In Sydney, join Bike Sydney.
In Brisbane, join CBDBug.
In Melbourne, join Bicycle Network.
In Australia, join Freestyle Cyclists.
If you would like your group to be listed here, please get in touch.

Donate to Help Spread the Word

Your donation will be used 100% for reaching out to all those people who want to see more people riding bikes. We have no paid staff, no administrative overheads, so all donations are spent on advertising and printing.

Thanks to all who donated to the Queensland TV advertising campaign. You put in $6758.28 in a few days – magnificent effort and shows how strongly people feel about having the freedom to choose.

The ads are expected to go to air soon – watch this space for updates

Support Helmet Law Reform

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Victorian Government Survey

Vicroads has a survey going, it’s very long, badly designed and looks like it might be part of an attempt to make changes to laws relating to cyclists, perhaps as an election gimick by the soon-to-be outgoing conservative and anti-bicycle government in Victoria. Naturally, the Victorian Government chose not to ask our opinion on helmet law, in fact most of the survey is about finding new ways to restrict cycling. If you have the time to fill it out, there are places where you can write your comments, be sure to mention repeal of helmet law as a priority!