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By October 28, 2011 4 Comments

An important public health message for Australian adults from Brisbane’s own Sputnik Films:


  • MadJelli says:

    I hate the citycycle scheme as much as the next rational person, but the  link between helmet laws and obesity levels? It riles my mathematic brains it does.

  • Angus says:

    A nice ad. Agree with the sentiment.  Funny how we don’t see a single car in the Ad though. 

    A few things glossed over which make the ad nothing more than hipster candy:
    – Cycling in Australia has become rapidly more popular (bike numbers, sales & commuters will attest).
    – Unlike riding in quaint european cities, riding on Australia roads is a dangerous. Driver education, culture, acceptance is extremely poor.
    – Not really sure you can link obesity to the introduction of helmet laws.

    I think we should campaigning on making cycling safer before we worry about helmets. 

    People who blame wearing a helmet for not cycling, will simply blame something else. 
    Helmets don’t make you lazy. 

    • Luke Turner says:

      Angus, thanks.  Yes I agree, helmet laws are not the only thing holding back cycling – all those other things you mention are factors as well. But helmet laws are one of a number of things that need to change in order for cycling to become a realistic and normal way to travel in Australian cities and towns.

      Many of us who are campaigning to repeal or amend helmet laws are also campaigning for better cycling infrastructure, more legal protection for cyclists (and pedestrians) and other things. There’s no reason we cannot campaign on all the issues that will improve cycling here, including helmet laws. 

      Repeal of helmet laws will get more people riding, and more people riding means greater support for provision of infrastructure. It will also mean that more motorists will also be cyclists, which is only a good thing for safety.

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