Ineffective Safety Measure Repealed!

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Speed Cameras Used (Less Frequently) In New South Wales

No, not mandatory bicycle helmet laws.

It has been reported that the NSW Government’s Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, has ordered the immediate mothballing of 38 speed cameras following an audit which showed that they have not improved road safety. The audit was commissioned soon after they had won the election earlier this year.

Contrast this with their stance on bicycle helmet legislation.

There is no evidence that bicycle helmet laws have improved cyclist safety in this country and plenty of evidence to the contrary. We have written previously about two recent attempts by State Governments to shore up support for the law with taxpayer funded studies – one from Queensland and the other from NSW.

Why is it that speed cameras, which prevent drivers from speeding in their 2 tonne vehicles and risking the lives of innocent third parties, can be switched off with minimal evidence (an audit) and bicycle helmet laws remain in full force despite no evidence to show their effectiveness?


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