It’s for your own safety!

By April 4, 2012 July 16th, 2015 5 Comments

This poster was created by an Australian supporter who clearly ‘gets it’ and while we don’t normally post such things, we really liked this one. Thanks for the support!


  • Bkpilkington says:

    It’s time the law makers got to work and got rid of this stupid law.

  • Rb says:

    Speaking as some who has suffer of a TBI after being hit by a car, you’re an idiot if you don’t ride a helmet. 

    • Dave Kinkead says:

       Sorry to hear about your TBI.  I’m curious however, just why it is you think that almost the entire populations of Denmark and the Netherlands are idiots when they are safest cyclists in the world?

    • Jay says:

      And what if one wad not riding on the road,and therefore not going to be hit by a car. do you think they still need a helmet?

    • Anonymous says:

      Head trauma is no joke and we don’t take it lightly (there are medical professionals in this group) however you must distinguish what is good for an individual (ie. would you have been wearing a helmet regardless of the law?) and what is good for the population.

      It’s much broader than simply ‘head injuries’. Cycling has many positive benefits and not all cycling is risky at all. I’d rather see safety improvements (to prevent what happened to you) focus on those that do the harm – motor vehicle operators. A bicycle helmet law is really a copout and sloppy public health policy, especially as the evidence just does not support it.

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