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New Religion – Rotavitae

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It has come to our attention here at Freestyle Cyclists that a new religion has been formed which may be of interest. Their supernatural Being is called Rotavitae and they have ten core beliefs and practices:

  1. Rotavitaens are bound through recognition of the Transcendent Principle of Rotavitae.
  2. Adherents are bound in a shared reverence for Rotavitae.
  3. Knowledge of Rotavitae is shared amongst the initiate. It is not open for the non-initiate to know Rotavitae, nor ought the initiate to speak of Rotavitae to the non-initiate except in circumstances where the non-initiate are genuine seekers of enlightenment.
  4. Rotavitaens will meet for fellowship and communion.
  5. The communion shall take place in motion, on bicycles.
  6. Rotavitaens recognise four holy days, the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, and the Solstices.
  7. Rotavitaens cherish the bicycle, believing that cycling is for the benefit of all humanity.
  8. Rotavitaens are enjoined to travel by bicycle wherever practicable.
  9. Rotavitaens will do no harm to others while cycling.
  10. Rotavitaens reject all false narratives of cycling safety, and put the inviolate primacy of the bicycle and its rider centre stage. When practising the sacred duty of bicycling, Rotavitaens will, in accordance with their custom and beliefs, bare their heads, or else wear broad brimmed hats, thick beanies or caps.

Rotavitaens, in practising their sacred duty to ride bikes, will customarily go bare headed, or wear broad brimmed hats, thick beanies or the like. If you go bare headed, you are not exempt from the legal requirement to wear a helmet in this country, but if you wear a broad brimmed hat, thick beanie or cycling cap of some sort, you should, as a Rotavitaen, be exempt in Vic, Qld, WA and the ACT. You don’t need to apply for an exemption: you are exempt, and ought not to be issued with an infringement notice.

You may choose to carry a card, for example in Victoria “I am exempt from the requirement to wear a helmet under Road Rule 256, Subrule (7)”

Rotavitea has a (private) Facebook page at where you can ask to join.

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