Taliban Road Safety

By January 26, 2011 July 11th, 2015 One Comment

Kim Harding on the ubiquitous blog asks an interesting question: are road safety campaigns directed at the victim really that different from the Taliban forcing women to wear a burqa as protection against rape?

While educating all road users is important, I’m always dumbfounded as to why bike safety education is primarily directed at cyclists and not motorists.  After all, 80% of all cycling fatalities involve being hit by a motor vehicle.

If you were to walk down the street with a shotgun and it were to accidentally discharge, then you as the person holding the shotgun would automatically be held liable, not anyone you hit.

Cars kill over 1600 people every year in Australia so why don’t we apply that standard to motoring?  Why do we still direct safety measure at the victim instead of reducing the threat?

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