Victorian Police do their bit to encourage cycling

By January 10, 2011 July 11th, 2015 One Comment

In a bid to increase safety, Victorian Police are cracking down on the victims of road trauma to prevent them becoming, um, victims.

Operation Spoke, Vic Police’s 12 day blitz targeting cyclists, kicks off today.  Sergeant Greg Dean of Yarra Highway Patrol said that “reducing serious injury collisions is a high priority for police”, that’s why police are urging cyclists “to take care on our roads”, not get hit by motor vehicles, and encouraging them with fines of up to $299 for cycling infringements.

Motorists killed 332 people in Victoria during 2010, including 8 cyclists.  Cyclists killed none.

Sadly, no mention was made of any effort to crackdown on motorists endangering others.

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