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Here is some correspondence to amuse you:

From: Mark Bryant
Address: 34…

Are u kidding? to ride anything without a helmet is totally stupid. I am an inventor and own an Australian company called Voztec Helmets, most head trauma can occur with as little as a 10k per hour impact.
[Editor’s comment: here we see fear mongering motivated by commercial interests]

If u want people to die or end up vegetables then ban helmets. Cannot believe i am hearing this.
[Editor’s comment: did we say we wanted to ban helmets?]

On 7 May 2014, at 11:48 am, Nicholas Dow <nik@c…> wrote:

Do you wear a helmet when in a car?

Don’t tell me that seat belts etc prevent head injuries. Far more people are admitted to hospital with head injuries from inside cars than from riding bikes.

From: Mark Bryant <markbryant@v…>
To: Nicholas Dow <nik@c…>

Thats why they have air bags and racing car drivers wear them u kidding.
[Editor’s comment: He did tell me after all. Noted that racing car drivers wear helmets, but not everyday drivers. Point made.]

Don’t know who u are however u are poorly informed buddy…

On 7 May 2014, at 12:38 pm, Nicholas Dow nik@c…> wrote:
So why are there more head injuries admitted to hospital from car occupants than from cyclists?  Vastly more actually – look up the numbers.

So you don’t wear a helmet in a car?  Then stop telling other people to wear helmets, otherwise you could be considered hypocritical.

BTW, there must be a lot of “totally stupid” people in the world, because most ppl in the world ride bikes without helmets.

From: Mark Bryant <markbryant@v…>
To: Nicholas Dow <nik@c…

U are a goose

Mark Bryant Voztec Pty Ltd
Managing Director
Talk: +61 420 763 223 Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Skype: mark.voztec

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