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Federal Election 2016

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Senator Janet Rice has been engaging on helmet law recently:
From @KathyFrancis: @janet_rice I will repeat my question for your convenience. Will the @Greens be repealing the mandatory bike helmet law if in Government?
From @Janet_Rice: @kathyfrancis56 No at this stage. But I’m open to considering the evidence.
From @JimMoore @janet_rice So exactly how did @greens form pro-MHL policy w/o considering all the evidence?! What an inane thing to say.

Alan Davies has published an excellent analysis of The Greens’ announced transport policy.

The Greens are more interested in electric cars than cycling.

Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese is defending his seat against the insurgent Greens with an opinion piece which makes no commitments and isn’t backed by ALP policy.

Nobody is joining the dots on health, e.g. diabetes type II treatment costs which will exceed entire state budgets within two decades.

Here’s the election advice we posted to supporters:

The Australian Cyclists Party are standing in the Senate in the Federal election in all States except Tasmania. In Victoria and New South Wales they are standing on a coalition joint ticket with the Science Party. The new voting rules make it easy to vote above or below the line. You can give cycling your #1 preference and then use your other preferences to decide who gets elected.

The Australian Cyclists Party’s policy on bike helmet law is:
“We also believe that it is time for Australia to remove penalties for not wearing a helmet. We advocate for a significantly large-scale pilot program to be supported where the positive effects of increased ridership can be weighed against any increased negative risks. Evidence tendered to date at state and national inquiries indicate support for this approach. Nations that enjoy the highest participation rates do not require helmet use and also enjoy low injury rates for cyclists.”

Their website and policies can be viewed here:

Our recommendations for Senate voting, if helmet law reform is the most important issue to you are

1 ACP – they support helmet law reform and have a coherent vision for cycling in Australia
2 LDP- they have a proven track record of support for helmet law reform
3 Sex Party – their stated policy position is support for helmet law reform

Beyond that, there’s not much to choose. The other minor parties haven’t made any public statements, and the majors, including the Greens, are wedded to mandatory helmet laws. None of the majors really have a clue about what is required to make cycling take off as a common choice for transport.

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